Why You Should Retire In Springfield, Missouri

We are truly blessed to live in a country with land of both quantity and abundance. That can make your decision of where to retire quite difficult! You have so many great options. Surely, you are looking for a place that is budget-friendly, easy-going, full of life, and accommodating to senior citizens. I’d like to argue that you are looking for … Springfield, Missouri!

To back up the case I’m making for Springfield, I’d like to start by citing an article at livability.com. In their estimation, Springfield wasn’t just one of the top-ten places to retire. It was the BEST place to retire!

Some may have been surprised by their decision to rank Springfield as the top retirement destination in the United States, but I wasn’t. Here’s why I believe their choice was the right one.

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to live in Springfield.

Did you know that the cost of living in our fair Queen City is 7% below the national average? In addition to this, prescription drugs and most social security benefits are not taxed. This makes Springfield a tax shelter for many senior citizens. There are even tax breaks involving the ownership of rental property. You’ll want to consult with the best real estate attorney Springfield MO when get here on that point.

You won’t be alone.

Nearly 15% of Springfield’s population is over the age of 65. Plus, if you begin to lose some aspects of your independence, you will live in a town with an excellent retirement community option (Culpepper Place).

There is a lot to do!

Springfield delivers an enticing combination of small town values and big city attractions. There are many wonderful restaurants, sporting events, shopping areas, music venues, and art attractions. Plus, Springfield is a short 40 minute drive to Branson, the #1 vacation destination for seniors (click here to book cabins in Branson)! If you are up for a bit of a longer drive, the world-class Crystal Bridges Art Museum is a mere 90 minutes away.

So as you can see, it should come as no surprise that many feel that Springfield, Missouri is the #1 city to retire in. We hope that you will agree!